Why Moodle for an Academic Institution?

I am here to share my experiences with Moodle implementation at INMANTEC.


This story goes back 2 years from now. When one of our faculty member went to Vancouver Island University with the students for the PDD program.When they came back my fellow colleague gave me the name of this software and told me that entire university runs on this software.I thought why not to experiment with it. I downloaded it and tried to install it. Initially i could not understand an inch of it, but slowly and gradually i got accustomed to it. I initially tried it to install in my own system on XAMPP. It was easy to install and work. I got accustomed to it very easily and at last you would  wonder that it took 1 long year to learn it.

Now, you all will be wondering that earlier i told that it is an easy software to work with and now i am telling that it took 1 year to learn the software.

Ha ha ha… 🙂

It was just due to many other engagements of mine. The time I started learning moodle I was course coordinator – MCA at INMANTEC. Six months i took to install, reinstall on different Operating Systems like Windows and Linux and check issues those might come. Then next 6 months to understand the features of the software.

I have done many experiments with moodle and at last i found it a very good software for an education institution. I was astonished to know that it is a great software which provides ample opportunity to learn and experiment. This software made mine and my colleagues life easier.

As I started working with the software, it gave me ideas to solve the problems which me and many of  my colleagues were facing.

Some of the Problems:


Source: Upside Learning Solutions Pt Ltd.

Problem no 1:

When we teach students we use to give notes, presentations, online materials to students in their pen drives and this was the reason why our laptops and PCs were formatted every month or worse than that every week.

Problem no 2:

I personally faced issues like when we want to pass an information to students we either use to tell them in their classes or paste notice on the notice boards. Students have tendency that they give it a damm on whatever is their on the notice board. When we ask them have you read the notice they use to say we haven’t read it and some students even told us that notice was not their on the notice board.

We tried displaying notices on our website, but volume of the notices were so large that website was not able to handle this.

We always have to ask the website admin to upload the notices, again an Issue!!

Problem no 3:

We use to give syllabus, lesson plans, rule books and other official documents in booklet form or printouts to students.

Problem no 4:

Use to display old notices again and again. Moreover on a new A4 Sheet on Notice board [Sheer wastage of paper!!]

I had so many other issues but not to mention on a public portal.

Some of the problems are petty but when it comes daily in your own life it becomes a headache. They were for me atleast. All these problems were solved by features of moodle.

I will now tell what i had done to make moodle work for us.

Ah! Atlast i found someone to solve my problems!!

Source: Up Side Learning Pvt Ltd.



A great software Indeed. If you are an academician and would like to solve your problems this is a software which will solve most of your issues. It works well with most of the Databases and operating systems. I have personally tried on Ubuntu 10.04, Windows 2003 and Win XP believe me it is trivial.

There are many books, videos and documentation on web.

Let me show you my work on moodle and how i had customized it for my college.

We call moodle as cms (Course Management System). The weblink to moodle of INMANTEC is http://cms.inmantec.edu/.



This is a glimpse of my work. I will explain you the features which I had used to solve my problems and the features of moodle which can be used to facilitate users of an academic institution.

Implementation done so far:

  1. I am using forums to be used as Notice Boards for our major departments. Departments those we had covered include Master of Computer Application, Post Graduate Diploma of Management, Corporate Resource Division (Placements Department), Bachelor of  Business Administration, Bachelor of Computer Application, Examination and others.
  2. All the resources like Time Table, Rules, Academic Calender, ALMANAC(Used to describe the activities for the session) and some other documents are displayed in the middle section of the front page.
  3. We also did customization of the moodle theme so as to be in sync with our INMANTEC website.
  4. For all our upcoming events and activities we use calender module and upcoming events block.
  5. For stopping people other than INMANTEC students from enrolling themselves to our cms with their own Email IDs we are using Google Apps for it.

Future work:

  1. Integration of Google Apps for INMANTEC with Moodle.
  2. Integration of Facebook Module with Moodle.
  3. Starting a course in Moodle for Moodle Programming.
  4. Upgrading Moodle to 2.0

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and have understood the basic issues that we had as an academic institution.

Will be happy if you could give your valuable feedbacks. Thanks for reading.


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7 Responses to Why Moodle for an Academic Institution?

  1. Good to see your concept with moodle.
    Atlast , we are now on right track, not just running hard,, but running hard in the right direction.
    Keep the good work going… and keep posting.

  2. Great anecdote about the problems solved by Moodle. I really enjoyed your post because these are real issues at a real educational institution which were in part solved by adopting Moodle and making it fit your needs. Hope to read more, thanks for sharing!

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  4. Abhishek Singhal says:

    Congratulations to you(Moodle) for bringing this change and making the process more e-driven in education sector, and congrats to you (Gaurav) for implementing this. Atleast some colleges are trying to implement what they teach and bringing education sector close to corporate methodology.

  5. pradeep kumar sharma says:

    first of all i want to congratulate you n feel proud to have u as our instructor. I appreciate the story and really these are the basic problems which can be seen in any organization. Dear sir I m also working on moodle tutorial for spoke-tutorial.org and really its interesting to work on moodle and i also want be a part of all your future plans….. thanks a lot to share your experience with us..

    Pradeep Kumar Sharma

  6. PG says:

    Glad to note your confessions have not covered the real problems you would have faced with your colleagues and students… and your post has not distracted from its basic purpose! 😉
    Good effort made… I wish you go a long way…!

  7. varuna Gupta says:

    Really appreciable sir. As we are also working on drupal in Manipal that is really helpful for us. If you don’t have an issue You can add some important subject materials for your students. and some Articles or blogs also.

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